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Fossil Q Smartwatch


Truth be told, I never thought I would be a smartwatch girl. Of course I had thought about it, because everyone has one. But, I did not see the real added value to my life. Now, a time I wish I would have followed the crowds, I wish would have gotten a smartwatch sooner. This Fossil Q Smartwatch is so amazing and fits perfectly with my busy schedule. From being able to see meeting reminders, text messages, and my workout summaries!

Another reason I never jumped on the train of the smartwatch was because of the appearance. I did not like the way they looked, and thought that I would only wear it while exercising. However, I love the way the Fossil Q Smartwatch looks, and operates. Contrary to the apple watch, I like the round face that the Fossil watch has! I loved mine so much, Logan decided to copy me and get one too. Now, there is a constant competition in our house on who can burn the most calories.

In addition to the circular face, the price is also much prettier! The Fossil Q watch is currently 25% off making it just over $200! If you have been iffy on the smartwatch trend, give this one a try and let me know what you think!



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