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Velvet Tee Of Your Dreams

Honestly, as an Oklahoma State graduate I have steered clear of all shades of red. Now that I am graduated, I feel like it is finally safe to add this color to my wardrobe! I love red, but I somehow convinced myself that I would not get any use out of it while living in Stillwater, Oklahoma! Sadly, that made my red attire slim, to none. This holiday season, I have made it my goal to add bold colors and lots and lots of red!

This relaxed fit velvet tee is literally a dream. It also comes in 6 colors- need I say more? I love the dressiness that the velvet fabric brings, but with the mix of the t-shirt cut and relaxed fit, it dresses down this winter fabric! I paired this red tee with my new favorite distressed jeans (which you will be seeing a lot more of) and pointed toe nude block heels. I think that this tee would pair perfectly for any occasion the holiday brings, and for only $22 I am declaring this velvet tee a winter staple! I snagged this tee in red and gray, but I now have my eye on the light pink! Be sure to check out all the colors below!

xo, Madison



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