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5 Tips + Tricks To Healthy Hair

Tips And Tricks To Healthy Hair
Welcome to my first beauty post! I thought I would begin by sharing my tips + tricks to healthy hair. Hair has been one of the biggest requests I have received by far in regards to products, tools, and tricks that I use for healthy long hair. I take my hair care way too?seriously (lol). So, I am excited to share this post with you all! To be honest, when I don’t feel pretty whether my outfit is not great, or I am having a fat day, my hair is always something that I feel like I can control! Try out my tips, tricks, and products that I feel have allowed my hair to grow long and stay healthy! Also, this cute one shouldered jumpsuit is 40% off + an additional 20% with the code ‘SUMMER,’ making it just under $60!

Tips And Tricks To Healthy Hair

Tips +Tricks To Healthy Hair

1. Amount Of Washes Per Week

Hands down the biggest tip I have for anyone trying to grow out their hair, stop washing it! The biggest comment I hear is “but my hair gets greasy so fast.” Totally understandable, so did mine. But, your hair is trainable! When you force your hair to wait another day to the next wash, it tells your body to stop producing oils as often. So while the “training period” might not be pretty, you will be so happy you did it in the long run when you are able to wait 2-3 days before the next wash! I typically wash my hair about 2-3 times per week. To avoid getting my hair wet while showering or washing my face, I use a shower cap or a terry cloth headband! I promise the less product you are putting in your hair (even shampoo and conditioner) the better!

2. Minimal Heat

I never blow dry my hair, unless absolutely necessary. When getting ready for the night, I plan my shower early enough in the day to allow my hair to air dry. I think that this is the best way that I cut out heat on my hair! If I take a shower at night, I pull my hair back in a slick pony tail or braid (so flattering) so that my part dries correctly while I sleep! But, when I do use heat, I will often curl my hair the first day, touch up a few curls the second day, and then the third day it is up in a ponytail or a braid with some dry shampoo to last one more day till it needs a serious wash!

I have linked a few of my favorite tools. I am a big fan of all hot tools curling irons. But, I personally use the 1 1/4 inch for everyday loose curls. If i am trying to achieve tighter curls that will last longer, I use a wand! The Amika wand with 4 interchangeable sizes has been the best investment, it is a 4/1 curling iron!

3. Switching Products

I have tried all sorts of brands of shampoos. But, handy dandy Herbal Essence Hello Hydrations is hands down my favorite. However, I have discovered that if I continually use the same shampoo that my hair begins to feel flat and produces oils a lot faster. I found that when I rotate shampoos, it gives my hair a break. Typically I will finish a bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner, change to S Factor (my second favorite- smells exactly like a Strawberry Cream Saver), and then back to Herbal Essence again. This also allows me to buy a nicer shampoo but less often, so it doesn’t break the bank or my hair! I also linked my favorite hair spray, big sexy- you have to try.

4. Dry Shampoo

I will live and die by Klorane Dry Shampoo. Avoiding washing my hair, means a reliable Dry Shampoo! I have tried just about every brand. The smell, the texture, and maintaining volume, I could never find one that was well rounded and passed all of the test- until Klorane! For all my brunette friends, they even have one for darker hair! I could sing praises all day about this dry shampoo. If you take one tip from this post, it should be this!

5.?Minimal Coloring + Timely Trims?

Recently I went to my hair stylist Gene and asked him to brighten up my ends to make them blonder for summer. But, he advised me against it. This is exactly what every girl needs! Sometimes I see a photo of something I want, but it is not in the best interest and health of my hair. My hair stylist informed me that re-bleaching my ends would have caused my hair to break off. Consulting a professional like Gene when coloring and bleaching your hair is essential.

Thankfully, we found another option to brighten up my hair for summer while avoiding damage! Coloring is always damaging to your hair. However, if you manage it correctly and keep the ends trimmed you can maintain healthy hair! If you are in the Oklahoma City area, and looking for a new hair stylish- contact Gene! I hope you all enjoyed this post about my tricks to healthy hair, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Final Cut Salon???Gene Alexander???405.255.0969




  1. July 2, 2017 / 4:36 pm

    Understandably I’m a bit prejudiced – but this is a really fun blog – and even more so with such a beautiful model!!

  2. August 3, 2017 / 7:40 am

    This article about 5 healthy hair care tips is ideal for women who are looking for advice or need guidance when it comes to looking after their hair. The point about minimal heat is essential when it comes to caring for your hair, as a lot of women forget that heat can really damage your hair over time.

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