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Ashford Castle, Ireland

I could go on and on about how cool the Ashford Castle in Ireland was! Whenever I thought about our trip to Ireland, I just kept thinking about staying in a Castle. I tried so hard to make that come true. I actually came across the Ashford Castle on Pinterest when searching, “Castle hotels in Ireland.” Truly, what did we used to do without Pinterest? After seeing it on Pinterest and then researching it, I knew we had to stay here.

Ashford Castle Ireland

Ashford Castle Ireland

I was so sad that we were only here for a night. But, I was so glad that we decided to splurge and stay at this hotel on our trip to Ireland. This is the hotel I was most excited to stay at, on our whole 20 day long trip.

From what Logan and I had heard and researched, you only had access to the grounds of the Ashford Castle, if you stay there. We had to have visitors passes when walking around, so I think that was most definitely the case! It was nice, and so peaceful because there were not crowds of tourist around- only the guests of the Ashford Castle!

At first, I had sticker shock when we were booking. But, we found a great deal when booking directly with the hotel on their website! If we didn’t already have flights booked to Santorini, I think that Logan and I would have tried to stay a few more nights. We both have said that we will absolutely go back to Ireland, solely for this amazing hotel!

The grounds are huge, and there are so many activities for everyone! There are boat rides, golf courses, yummy restaurants, horse back riding, and picnics! Everywhere we turned, our mouths were hanging wide open. It was truly incredible. On top of the numerous activities, there were what felt like miles and miles of perfectly kept gardens, breathtaking views, and royal like staircases that kept Logan and I wandering for a few hours. We never wanted to leave. If you are heading to Ireland anytime soon, put the Ashford Castle at the top of your list!


Pin this photo for reference when planning your trip to Ashford Castle & Ireland:

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