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Bell Sleeves + Suede Wrap Necklace



Bell Sleeve Top, Suede Wrap Necklace/Choker, Jeans, &?Shoes?

Bell sleeves are everywhere I turn- and it is a trend that I am loving! I found this top at Nordstrom while I was in Florida on vacation! My poor husband has to endure the long trips to Nordstrom every time we go out of town since we do not have one in Oklahoma City- Nordstrom, if you’re listening I would love a location in Oklahoma City please! This top comes in two colors, blush & black. Of course naturally I gravitated towards black- but I am really trying to break the cycle of only buying black, gray, & white. Does anyone else have this problem, or it is just me? Did I mention this top is only $39??

The suede wrap necklace, and the raw hem jeans from Mode are making an appearance again! I told you guys, you would see me wearing this a lot. They go with everything. I usually am the worst at accessorizing. I typically wear my engagement ring, pearl studs, and that is usually it! My goal for this season, and for this blog in general, is to take risks & branch out. So for now- I’m trying to add more color to my closet and accessorize more!


Here are something other Bell Sleeve Tops I am currently loving:

1.?White Off The Shoulder Blouse 2.?Embroidered Off The Shoulder Top?3. Black Bell Sleeve Top

4.?Tie From Bell Sleeve Top 5.?Floral Bell Sleeve Top 6.?Navy Floral off the Shoulder


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