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Best Dressed Wedding Guest


If you?re reading this, you are probably just like me and have a ton of wedding to attend this summer. My husband and I have six weddings just between the end of April through the beginning of July! But, I cannot complain- I LOVE love. And, after the stress and pressure of planning my own wedding, it is very fun to just attend a wedding as a guest. Can I get an amen? If one thing I learned from planning my wedding, it was to appreciate all the little details that brides put into their big day- because now I know the amount of time, energy, and planning even the smallest of details entail (I will save all of that fun stuff for a wedding blog post soon).

However, my favorite part of being a wedding guest is the excuse to get a new dress. My husband makes fun of me, ?why can?t you just wear one of the other hundred dresses in your closet that are just as pretty?? I mean, he is right but that is half the fun of attending a wedding, right?? So- with all these wedding approaching I have been on the hunt for the best wedding guest dresses! I have linked a couple below all under $100 that will be perfect for either casual, semi-formal, or a formal wedding. Bring it on wedding season, I?m ready for you!



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  1. May 17, 2017 / 10:19 am

    Loved reading this post! XOX

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