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Casual & Cozy: Guest Bedroom Reveal

The guest bedroom was one that I had the first “vision” for, but the one that took me the longest to finish. I would also say it was probably the last on our priority list because it is the room we use the least… However, I am happy to say it is basically complete! There are a few things in the future I would like to add, such as an accent chair or potentially a dresser but for now, we are calling it done!

Logan and I studied abroad our Junior year of college and we both fell in love with Europe! We decided to plan a three-week-long trip to Europe in 2018 to celebrate Logan passing his final CPA exam, and before we started a family! Logan took some of the most beautiful photos while we were there, and I knew that our guest room would be the perfect place to display those photos. I chose a total of three photos to frame over the bed, one from Capri, one from Santorini, and one from Positano. I wanted the guest room to be colorful, yet still neutral and cozy and these photos created a beautiful color palette that I used as inspiration for the entire space!

When creating or designing a room in your home, I think it is so important to add personal touches with layers of different textiles and tones to create an overall casual and cozy space. Now accepting guests!

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