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Deck The Halls

Christmas Table Decor

One of the saddest times of the year for me is when I have to take down Christmas decorations… My house suddenly feels so bare. So, when the time rolls around to put up all our Tree and Christmas Table Decor – I am so excited. Last year, when Logan and I embarked on our first Christmas together as newlyweds, we headed to At Home and entered what felt like the Disney World of Christmas Decor. When deciding on a theme for Christmas decorations, we made sure that everything coordinated with the decor and furniture that we already had in our home. Our home is primarily gold, gray, and hues of blue! When selecting ornaments, we chose silver, gold, and blue! I love how it ties our whole home together.

Being newlyweds, that was a big chunk of money for our first Christmas, so I decided to skip out on Christmas Table Decor last year. This year, I am hosting Friendsgiving, so I thought that was the perfect excuse to go all out on Christmas Table Decor! These pillar candles, candle holders, pre-decorated garland, table runner, plates, and chargers are some of the things I added to our decor this year!?I purchased this pre-decorated garland at Hobby Lobby, and for only $35! Seriously a steal. It matched perfectly with our existing decor, combining the gold and silver. Hobby Lobby is another great store that carries Christmas decor at a great price.

When starting to shop for table decor, I had a vision for our table! I found a photo on Pinterest, and slowly started building my table as I found items that fit. I carried the photo with me into every store and referenced it when making a selection. Anytime I am decorating, I try to find an inspiration photo to keep the vision clear. If I don’t, I tend to lose sight of the end goal and end up with a bunch of cute items, that do not look cute together… Once I find inspiration, I start slowly finding the perfect items. Anytime I have tried to rush decorating, without finding the perfect piece, I end up regretting my purchases! So find your inspiration, build slowly, and in the end you will be happy that you did!

Happy Holidays and happy decorating, I hope this posts gives you the inspiration you were needing this year! xo, Madison




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