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Comfy In Chenille


Happy Monday, everyone! I know Monday’s can be quite tough, but this fabric has me cozy and comfy this morning in the office! I am loving this chenille fabric, and I feel like it came out of no where, but surely it existed before? Maybe I am oblivious.

Give me one, and I was hooked! I first purchased this burnt orange bell sleeve chenille sweater, and immediately fell in love with the fabric. My husband even mentioned how soft it was! I find myself gravitating to every single clothing item that is in this fabric, and have already accumulated my fair share of chenille sweaters. It almost feels velvet like! Thankfully, it hasn’t been much of an issue to feed this chenille obsession of mine, because it is everywhere! I found this berry colored sweater while in San Fransisco, and knew I needed it! This berry ruffled sweater is under $50, and also comes in emerald green. The rich colors and pretty fabric, make it perfect for the upcoming holiday months! If you haven’t purchased your first chenille fabric item yet… this sweater is for you!





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