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A Day In Napa Valley

Logan and I studied abroad in Dijon, France our Junior year of College. It was such an amazing experience, and made us fall in love with the history, taste, and experience of wine. When we were visiting San Fransisco, we knew we had to make a quick day trip to Napa Valley to reminisce on our days in France.

We started by renting a car in San Fransisco, for a quick drive to Napa Valley. If you are staying in San Fransisco and love wine, I highly recommend this short and scenic drive! It was so easy, and some of the prettiest views of California. About a month before our trip, we pre-booked our winery visits to the Davis Estates and Alpha Omega wineries. They both were very close to each other, and had both very unique and exceptional experiences! Davis Estates was much more quaint. We opted for the Terrace Wine and Food Pairing, and it was excellent. Their food was so artfully display and you were able to enjoy it with the views over their Terrace! Our guide sat with us the enter time at Davis Estates, explaining each detail of our wine and food pairings. As the day started to warm up, we went to the Alpha Omega Winery. It was incredible, and such a high end and luxurious experience. Logan and I sat on the patio overlooking a little water fountains and sipped on incredible wine while soaking in the sun of Napa Valley. Interestingly enough, our tour guide had lived in Edmond, Oklahoma (where Logan and I have lived our entire lives) until he retired. It was so interesting meeting someone in Napa Valley who ate at the same local restaurants and knew the same people as us from home!

After all that wine, we needed some food! We stop at Gotts Roadside and ate our entire body weight in hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. It was the perfect ending to our day in Napa Valley! With a full belly, we headed back to San Fransisco to finish out our trip. If you are heading to the San Fransisco or Napa Valley area, I would love to help and hear about your trip!

A Day Trip To Napa Valley


Day In Napa Valley

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