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Denim on Denim

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My mom always jokes that everything that was in style when she was in High School, is coming back full circle. This time, everyones hair just has a little less volume. Denim on denim is a trend that my mom is very familiar with, as I feel like all of her photos are wearing this outfit! This is a trend, to be honest, that I was a little skeptical about at first. Obviously you see people like GiGi Hadid wearing it, and you wonder if you can actually pull it off.

In my experience, of trying multiple times to create the perfect denim on denim outfit, I found that it is easiest to have different washes of denim. Dark denim jeans, with a light denim button down, or vis versa. Although- it is perfectly okay to match denims, I just have not had the best of luck with that. It has become one of my favorite trends- and one I think you all will get on board with too! Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears 2001 AMA awards, anyone?!

is some inspiration, to transition from fall to summer with the denim on denim trend- and yes I couldn’t forget Justin & Britney!




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