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Lash By Lash Studio


I am so excited to share today’s post with you! I recently got eyelash extensions from Lash By Lash for my trip to New York for Fashion Week. I wanted to share with you a few questions that I had before getting eyelash extensions, and that you all might have as well! All I have to say is, I am sad that I did not get them sooner. I mean, look at the results!!

  1. What are eyelash extensions and where do you get them??I was very uninformed when it came to the knowledge of eyelash extensions. Thankfully Raylene of Lash By Lash was very informative, and talked me through each step of the application process as well as the care and management! Eyelash extensions are a way to create an extended, darkened, and fuller appearance without the daily application of strip lashes. Each lash is bonded to your natural lash, for a final result that will have you hooked! I do not wear strip lashes on a daily basis. But, if I was getting dressed up at all, I always would! I have short and light eyelashes, and eyelash extensions has been something that I have always been interested in but had just never taken the plunge. With New York Fashion Week coming up, I knew it was the perfect time to give it a try! And I am so glad that I did. It cut my make up application in half. There was no need for curling, mascara, or application of strip lashes for the entire week! Yes, no mascara needed. Although Nova Lash does have a mascara for their lashes, I think it is highly unnecessary. The point of eyelash extensions is to create the full and extended lash without additional products!?Now, I knew that I would love eyelash extensions for the occasions when I was a little dressier, but I was unsure how I would like them on a daily basis. But, I love them more! For work, I put on very little make up, if any at all. I don’t think that I will ever be able to part ways with eyelash extensions anytime soon!
  2. How long do Eyelash extensions last? Raylene of Lash By Lash said that typically her patients get their eyelashes filled every three weeks. Obviously the more that you care for the extensions, the longer that they last! Lash By Lash is Nova Lash certified, which typically last 1-2 weeks longer than other competitors.
  3. How long does application take? The first initial?application takes about 2-3 hours. That might seem like a long time, but they are gluing an eyelash extension to each individual eyelash that you already have on your eye! For younger girls with fuller lashes, it will take longer! To be honest, I had no idea how the eyelash extensions were applied until my appointment with Raylene. I was blown away that the application was done with such detail and precision! For a fill, the application process typically takes an hour!
  4. How do you care for them? Eyelash extensions are meant to be durable and withstand your daily life, however you do have to give them the attention and care that they need. Each morning and night, I brush them with a little spool! I also refrain from using mascara, rubbing my eyes, and using toxic make up removers! Nova Lash has an eye make remover made specifically for their lashes that doesn’t hurt the bond of the extension to your natural lash.
  5. What kind of lashes do I get? This depends upon your natural lashes. When I first met with Raylene, she knew exactly which type of lashes that I needed based on the color, curl, and length of my natural lashes.


Thank you so much Lash By Lash and Raylene for sponsoring today’s post! It was such a pleasure working with you and your incredible team!

To make an appointment, contact Lash By Lash, book using their website, or visit them in Nicholas Hills Plaza!

6482 Avondale Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73116




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  1. Brooke
    September 14, 2017 / 1:53 pm

    These are amazing! I need to try it out!

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