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Family Photo Outfits

The Holland Outtakes:

I can almost remember each year of my childhood simply by the outfits we were for family pictures. The year my mom decided our theme would be royal blue and gray, or the one where our entire family wore pink plaid… and now, it is something I love looking back on most! Because I cherished it so much, I knew I wanted to do family pictures each year with my family. But, boy are they a lot of work! I know now how much it took my mom to make coordinating outfits, get everyone’s hair fixed, schedule a photographer, and get everyone there on time with a smiling face! As you can see, Holland’s outtakes deserved a whole section because there were plenty of them to go around! I left the photo session worried that there was not going to be a single “Christmas Card” worthy photo- but Kelcy pictured our little family just perfectly. I can’t wait to look back on all of these photos for decades to come!

Family photos can be stressful enough… So, to take out a little bit of the work, I put together a few coordinating family outfits for inspiration below!


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