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Favorite Baby Items: 4-9 Months

I would like to think that I am a minimalist. When it comes to clutter and unnecessary mess, it drives me crazy. Everything in my house needs a place, and when it comes to unwanted and unnecessary items- I am the first to toss them! My closet might be a different story when it comes to being a minimalist, but I can assure you it is always organized and everything has a place. I didn’t want thousands of different baby products lying around to go unused. Today, I thought I would finally share with you my personal favorites and most used items from 4 months to 9 months that go beyond the typical given baby items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, etc.


  1. Play Mat: Until Holland could crawl around 8 months, this was her favorite! She loved the interactive toys, the mirrors, and crinkle features. Plus, it’s very pretty!
  2. Doorway Jumper: This doorway jumper provided Holland entertainment and me some time with my hands-free. She loved this!
  3. Joovy Walker: Holland was an early walker, and I think that the Joovy played a big role in that. Once we got this for Holland, she was running around the house immediately! I love that this particular walker has a tray, so we were able to place toys & snacks on top of it!?
  4. Baby Shark: Are you singing the song yet? As much as I hate to recommend this toy because it will get on your nerves… It has been Holland’s favorite toy for months. I mean, months! It finally broke and we bought a new one. I couldn’t help but buy her a new one, you should see how she lights up when Baby Shark starts singing and dancing!
  5. Books: Holland is a book worm. This girl loves her books! Llama Llama Red Pajama, You Are My Sunshine, DADA, MAMA, That’s Not My Pony, and I Love Dad are just a few of our favorites!?


  1. Bumbo: We used this all the time, and it offered a lot of support for Holland when she was still learning to sit up! We moved this around the house often from room to room because it is incredibly lightweight.
  2. High Chair: The Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair came highly recommended to us. This high chair is known for being aesthetically pleasing and for growing with your baby for many years. It grows from a high chair to a chair, and then to a step stool. My mom had this high chair for my little sister, and they still use it as a step ladder in their pantry. This has been one of my favorite purchases to date, and I continue to recommend them to everyone. Plus, aren’t they pretty??
  3. Stroller: We purchased the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller, and we absolutely love it. As soon as she could up with assistance, we switched from the bassinet to the Rumble seat (toddler seat) and Holland loved the stroller even more! It is so easy to pack and unpack, it has so much storage when shopping, the wheels are incredibly smooth, and there is room for a growing family. If you plan to have more than one baby, I recommend getting the Uppa Baby Vista!
  4. Bath Chair: We get questions about Holland’s bath chair all the time. Once she learned to sit up on her own, she was not interested in leaning backward in her infant bath seat. We got this chair for her and it was a hit! She has been using it for about 5 months now, and she still enjoys it. It gives Logan and I both peace of mind that she won’t be slipping and sliding around and allows us to have a free hand to thoroughly bathe her!
  5. Big Girl Chair: ?I am shocked at how much Holland loves this chair. To be honest, I thought it would just be a pretty thing that sat in the corner until she was a little older. She reads books, eats snacks, and lounges in this chair throughout the day. We have already gotten our money’s worth just a few months in. This comes in endless color options, three different sizes, and monogramming is available!


  1. Owlet:This has been something that makes me think, how did anyone survive before this product?? The owlet has been one of the greatest gifts we received and is something I deem necessary for all new moms. It is a sock you place on your baby each night that is designed to notify you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside of the preset thresholds. Holland moved to her crib at around 10 weeks, and I cannot imagine the sleepless nights that I would have had without it. I know it is a pricier item- but I promise you cannot put a price on the peace of mind that it offers. I opted to go with the Owlet Camera as well, to minimize applications on my phone and to have Holland’s baby monitor, sleep patterns, heart rate, and oxygen levels all in one place! You can view my post of Holland wearing her owlet,?here.
  2. Sleep Sack: Holland transitioned out of the Ollie Swaddle at around 4 months, and we went directly to the Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack. Holland is a tummy sleeper and the weighted “egg” on her back has seemed to be something that she has enjoyed. I also love the top snaps and side zippers! There are a ton of color combinations and a few fabric weight options as well.
  3. Winter Sleep Sack: As the weather started to get colder, I was searching for a few options for Holland to keep warm at night. We bought the Kyte Baby Swaddle and Kickee Quilted Swaddle, and loved both! The quality was amazing, and the material is beyond cozy. They are a weighted fabric, almost comforter or quilt-like, and I was happy to find sleep sack options for Holland that I knew was keeping her warm at night! I have loved having multiple options for sleep sacks, because of often washes and temperature conditions.
  4. Blackout Shades
  5. Hatch Baby Sound Machine: update, we still love this. Holland broke her first one and we tried to use another one that we had but I quickly ordered the Hatch Baby Sound Machine again because it is the best.


  1. Straw Cups: Holland has been drinking through a straw since she was 6 months old. This was the first and only cup that we tried after it was highly recommended to us. The straw is weighted at the bottom so if you tip the cup upside down, they are still able to sip liquids through the straw!
  2. Bowls: These are the suction bowls that we have been using. I love that they are slim, dishwasher & microwave safe, and stack very well! They are available in both girl & boy color options.
  3. Bibs: I mean, how did anyone ever survive without a Bib with a pocket? These are amazing, and I will never buy another Bib!
  4. Boon Pulp Teether: In the peak of teething, Holland loved these silicone teethers. We put fruit, both fresh and frozen in these!

Medical and Toiletry items:

  1. Wellements Cough & Mucus
  2. Tylenol, Babyganics Teething Pods, and Oragel: I will say that these products really did provide Holland relief during the day when it came to teething. Nothing is worse than seeing your baby in pain and I was thankful to ease the pain in any way that I could!
  3. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment: This was recommended by another mom who used this when their baby had rashes and acne appear! We call it the miracle cream because it clears up everything and removes redness overnight! I would encourage you to read some of the reviews for this cream because they are mind-blowing. A must-have!? Click here for 15% off your order.
  4. Butt Paste:?The first diaper rash came, and I immediately was pacing the isles of the store looking for the best diaper cream. My mom had recommended the one with the highest Zinc Oxide percentage and this was what I found! It clears up Holland’s diaper rash overnight, and we put it on her every night before bed to help prevent it as well. I have had so many moms tell me this was a life-changer for them- and they finally were able to provide relief to their babies? diaper rash!





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