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Florals + Fashion Inspiration

This top might go down as my most sold item ever, and rightful so! It is bright, flattering print, fun shape, and a really great price! I love finding fun pieces like this top, especially without the Hefty price tag. Honestly, I was worried about this top and how it would be received! For a while, I feel like my shopping and style was revolving around what I thought you all wanted to see, and what I thought would sell well. It got really tiring, really fast. I started to loose my excitement and passion for blogging and sharing clothes with you all. Making the mentality shift to continue to be myself, so that I draw an authentic following and so people really understand my style, was amazingly refreshing!

I truly love blogging and being any sort of inspiration! I received an instagram message from someone yesterday that said “Ive been following you for a bit and I just want to compliment the way you dress your body… I think all the pieces you choose are so complimentary and it really inspires me to choose different fashion for my body type… I just thought you should know that you inspire someone!!” I mean, talk about a compliment. I love when I am able to hear from you all, because I feel less like a sales person “hey buy this cute shirt for $14,” and more like your friend who is giving you fashion advice! My only goal is to continue to be an inspiration and to continue to have fun. I spend a lot of time energy planning content and if I am not having fun, it truly isn’t worth it! So, thank you. For reading, messaging me, and purchasing my suggestions along the way!



  1. March 1, 2018 / 1:56 pm

    I loved this post Madison! It?s SO easy to get wrapped up in what you think others might like that YOU get lost in the mix. blogging is an emotional roller coaster at times haha. You look absolutely stunning and that reader message is so sweet and I ditto everything they said. Love your posts sister !

  2. Elyse
    March 2, 2018 / 6:59 pm

    You?re my hero!!

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