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Gift Wrapping Favorites

Gift Wrapping Paper Favorites Window Pane Turtleneck Sweater

Wrapping Christmas presents might seem like a tedious job to most, but I truly enjoy wrapping Christmas presents each year! In todays post, I am sharing my wrapping paper favorites in hopes you will enjoy wrapping Christmas presents just half as much as I do! Every year I wrap fake presents for under our Christmas tree, because I love how full it looks with presents under it! Does anyone else do this? Coming from a family of four kids, there were always so many presents under the tree and I miss that! I cannot wait until I have kids one day and get to have a Christmas tree full or presents again!

Each year, I gather enough rolls to last me all season and make sure that the paper coordinates in some way with each other and our Christmas decor. This year, I chose wrapping paper from Sugar Paper at Target. Typically I always get my wrapping paper at Target because they have such a great selection, and they usually always have a more trendy selection… more than just the typical Santa’s and snowflakes wrapping paper selection!

After selecting my wrapping paper, I select complimenting gift tags and ribbon. I love ribbon and gift tags… A big Christmas bow and a hand selected gift tag make for the prettiest pair. I have linked all of the items that I purchased for this years wrapping paper favorites, and some additional supplies I am loving! Be sure to also check out this cozy, flattering window pane turtleneck sweater! It is so comfortable, and perfect for those who are just dipping their toes in the turtleneck trend! Everything in this post is linked below!

xo, Madison




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