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Gift’s From The Heart: James Avery

Does anyone remember the James Avery Love Knot Rings? They still sell them, but when I was in High School it was the “cool” thing to get one of these rings from your significant other. I thought if Logan bought me a James Avery Love Knot Ring that meant we were for sure getting married. Thankfully, we did so it must of meant something right??

Ever since we have found out we were having a baby, I have told Logan that I wanted a piece of jewelry to be sentimental just for her, and our future kids. When I came across the James Avery Birthstone Ring, I knew it would be perfect! They are a thinner band, and perfect for stacking for any other kids birth stones that we may add to our growing family. I ordered the Emerald ring for May, since our baby girl is due May. I hope this does not jinx it, and she ends up arriving in a later month! If she arrives earlier, I’ll let it slide because we cannot wait to meet our baby girl!

James Avery has the perfect sentimental gifts for every occasion. I love that James Avery has been a part of our relationship from the very beginning (all the way back to our High School days), and I cannot wait to add to the collection as our family begins to grow!

Thank you James Avery for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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