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Holland Reid Magill | Birth Story

Holland Reid Magill born at 8:22pm, weighing 8 lbs 3 oz, & 21 inches long

During our 35 week ultrasound, they told us that Holland was measuring in the 80th percentile, and after talking with our Doctor, she gave us the option to induce at 39 weeks to make sure that Holland was not too big for a vaginal delivery. Logan and I loved the idea of getting to meet our baby early, and the reassurance that allowing her to come early was the safest for both myself and Holland. We were scheduled to induce on May 15th, and we were so excited. On May 13th, I got a call while at the nail salon that they needed to move my induction date. My doctor had mentioned that this might happen because my induction was not “medically necessary.” Initially I was upset, knowing it would have to be pushed back a few days but the nurse said “we actually need you to come in early, how does tomorrow sound?”

I stuttered and stammered over my words for what felt like minutes but could not process that I would be having a baby tomorrow.?While it was only a day early, I was in shock! I immediately called Logan at work and we told our families to prepare for Holland’s arrival a day early!! Logan and I spent the last night soaking up the final hours of just us two, and talking about what life would be like for our new family of three- just like we had the whole nine months prior.

At 6am the next morning, we arrived at the hospital and got checked in! I was already dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced! By 7am they had started Pitocin, and by 9am I had already shown enough progress that I received an epidural. Shortly after receiving an epidural, our family started piling in for a day of anticipation and waiting for Holland! Because I was already so progressed when I arrived at the hospital, I spent most of my labor enjoying the benefits of numbness from my epidural. While it did make me extremely sleepy, I was able to rest up and enjoy family time while my body prepared for delivery.

I slowly progressed throughout the day, and around 3:00pm they began moving me in different positions to push labor along. When they came in to check on me at around 6:00pm, they said I was dilated to a 9.5 and that they were going to prepare the room and myself to start pushing! While the day seemed slow in anticipation of Holland’s arrival, those last three hours flew by. Our parents gathered around us and we prayed for Holland and her entrance into the world!

After 45 minutes of pushing, Holland Reid Magill was born at 8:22pm, weighing 8 lbs 3 oz, 21 inches long and absolutely perfect! I went into labor with zero expectations and no birth plan, besides receiving an epidural. It was the most incredible and empowering experience, and I am still in awe of women’s bodies and all that they can create and endure! While recover wasn’t easy for me and something I hadn’t mentally prepared for, it was worth every minute! I could not have done it without my amazing husband. Logan and I still cannot believe that she is ours. I think we should have about 5 more, what do you think babe???


Thank you Mary Keen for capturing these moments and photos that bring me to tears every time I look at them!

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