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Holland’s First Birthday

I now understand why parents say their child is “12 months-24 months” old… I can’t bring myself to tell people that Holland is one, 12 months definitely sounds better! I don’t want to deny the fact that Logan and I were really bummed to not celebrate Holland in the way and theme that we had originally planned… We kept pushing it back, thinking that we would get to put her birthday party on the calendar but that day hasn’t come. Holland has brought us incomprehensible amounts of joy and we could not imagine life without her! She deserved to be celebrated, and Logan and I needed a celebration for making it 365 days as parents! Nothing better than making light of a not-so-ideal situation…

We decided to theme her birthday after the movie “Mean Girls,” and “you can’t party with us!” Not because we didn’t wish that all our family and friends were there to celebrate, but, well, her party was personally victimized by coronavirus!! ?All jokes aside, we had so much fun planning this birthday for Holland even though it was not what we had originally dreamed of. I was sitting in our driveway thinking how could I possibly make light of this situation, make it fun, and something we would look back on and laugh about- not be sad about. To be honest the phrase from Mean Girls “you can’t sit with us” is the first thing that popped into my head. I texted my friends for reassurance that it wasn’t a dumb idea, and like good friends, they hyped me up.

With a “burn book” inspired banner, extravagant balloon garland, and pink everything, we made our little “Mean Girls” Birthday party come to life! During this time of uncertainty and scary news headlines, I’m thankful for a break from the noise to celebrate Holland and her one year of life!

cake: @uptowngroceryco | “cool mom” tee: @shopmode.fashion


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