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Holland’s Nursery and Closet Reveal


When it came to Holland’s nursery, I put more thought and time into this little tiny room and closet than I had any other room before! I had the most fun designing her room and closet. While she has yet to spend any time in it besides a few diaper changes, I cannot wait until she is able to use it!

Like any room that I am designing, I start with a focal point or inspiration piece and build from there! The first thing that we bought for this room was the rocker. I loved how classic it felt to have a rocker in a nursery, but also with a modern take in this fluffy pink sheep! Next, I began ordering wallpaper samples from Caitlin Wilson- a store I have loved for forever and dreamed of adding their fun, printed wallpaper to my daughters nursery one day. Because I wanted the pink fluffy sheep to be the focal point of the room, I decided on a wallpaper that had the perfect amount of pink in the wallpaper but not primarily pink- allowing the sheep and rug to stand out!

Once the wallpaper was hung, details like the pillow, candles, frames, mobile, lamps, and mirrors were filled in to compliment the wallpaper, rug, and fluffy pink sheep. I had so much fun decorating a girly, bright, and printed nursery and I cannot wait for Holland to spend many years to come in that little room!


For her closet, I wanted to make sure that I could see everything- but also everything had a place! Organizing is so fun for me, and I loved brainstorming ideas for her closet. Because we had acrylic shelves on the wall for her books, I was drawn to them also to display her shoes. I used two single 24″ acrylic shelves– hanging one upside to make it look like a double shelf! I also used the clear boxes for her swaddles, and other storage at the top of her closet. The real game changer though- these velvet gray baby hangers with a gold hook! Start with cohesive hangers for your closet and the rest wont even matter!?Here’s to hoping I can keep it as organized later as it is now!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved putting it together! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a message on instagram!


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