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How To Mix Patterned Pillows

Throw pillows are my favorite. They are the easiest way to accessorize, bring color to a room, and offer a complete and cozy look! But, making something look effortlessly paired is often incredibly difficult. Sharing a few design tips to hopefully help you create the perfect pillow combination!

  1. Stick to a color palette: Creating a color palette is the first place to start. This can come from an inspiration pillow with multiple colors, artwork, or even a rug. I like to pick three colors, not including ivory and white. A few of my favorite pillow color palettes are:
    • Blue, Pink, and Mustard
    • Green, Blue, and Gray
    • Light Blue, Navy, and Rust
    • Blue, Purple, and Gray
    • Green, Pink, and Blue
  2. Think about pattern, texture, and scale: It is important to think about the pattern, the scale of the pattern, and texture when mixing pillows! Having a representation of these different pillows helps offer a variation that will not feel too busy, or compete with each other. I have found it much easier to create the perfect pillow combination when considering these four different “categories” of pillows!

Organic | Floral:

Pattern | Small:

Pattern | Large:

Textured | Woven | Solid 😕

click directly on the image to shop the pillow combinations

3. Use these as guidelines, not rules: I love rules when it comes to design because it makes it much easier for me to know what is “right.” But sometimes they don’t always work. Many pillows could fall under multiple categories. Play around with them and see what works! Guidelines in interior design are there to make you more confident in making decisions. At the end of the day, it is about what you like in your own home!


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