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Living Room Refresh With Minted Fine Art

After working on so many incredible projects this year, I decided it was time to revisit my very first project. The project that started it all, my living room! My style, like most people, is always changing and evolving. I have found over the last year, I really discovered my own personal style (rather than what was most popular on Instagram) and I want my home to truly reflect that! While keeping a majority of the main pieces, I am making it a goal of mine to refresh our home this Summer. This partnership with Minted Fine Art came at the perfect time. I can’t wait to tweak my living room and better capture my personal style. I knew Minted was a great place to start when looking for fresh, on-trend limited edition fine art, all while supporting thousands of artists around the world!

I have always gravitated towards a coastal style, but have refrained from letting myself dive headfirst because, well, I live in Oklahoma… But, if I have learned anything over the last two years of starting an Interior Design company, it is that your home should truly reflect you! Because of that, I decided to go for it! A modern home with coastal touches draws me in and feels like home to me. When I started sifting through Minted Fine Art, I really wanted to select a fun piece. I narrowed it down to four different options, “Lady In A Swim Cap,” “Llama Chill,” “She’s Blooming Worth,” and the “Minimalist Sunset in Amsterdam.” But to really hone in on the coastal touches, I landed on the “Lady In A Swim Cap.” It felt bold for my safe and neutral choices in the past but when I put it on the design board it just felt right!

I love Minted for many reasons and have utilized them over the years for Save the Dates, Baby/Wedding Shower Invitations, Wedding Invitations/Programs, and even our family Christmas Cards. I have sourced pieces from Minted Fine Art (pictured below) for countless projects and it is always an incredible experience with customizable framing options from the high-quality wood or metal frames to museum-grade matting or framed art on canvas. I shared a few designs below, where I included pieces from Minted’s Fine Art collection. In each space, the pieces are the focal point and set the tone for each space!

Minted offers a few tools that make shopping and selecting art incredibly simple! You can utilize their AR tool to visualize art on your walls or get fine art recommendations from a Minted stylist by texting a photo of your wall to 415-993-WALL. You can use the code 10% off your art with the code MADISONART2022. Valid only for new customers!

Stay tuned for a few more updates this Summer as we continue to refresh our home!


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