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My Master Bedroom

My master bedroom is my favorite room in the house, mostly because it is my first room shared with Logan as a married couple! It was so fun making this little house our home. When we began decorating, I knew that I wanted to incorporate blue, because it is gender neutral, and I feel like there are limitless options when it comes to decorating in blue.

Logan and I fell in love with this Johnathan Adler bed from Dillards, but it had a hefty price tag along with it. We happened to be at the mall on Black Friday (crazy, I know) and the bed was 40% off! We took this as a sign, and bought the bed immediately. Since our bed was so bold, I knew that I would have to keep decorations, curtains, and our bedding light and complimentary to the bed!? For our bedding, I fell in love with the lightly stitched Pottery Barn Duvet and it absolutely pulled our entire bedroom together. During the Winter, Logan and I use this Pottery Barn Duvet and Euro pillows. And as the temperature starts to warm up, we switch white quilt and a striped blue duvet for the end of the bed, that is mostly just for looks ?I kept the Euro pillows and love how perfect they looked with both our winter and spring bedding.

In addition to ginger jars, if you have been following me for anytime at all, you know that I love anything that is gold! So when it came to decor, I love the I was able to add the gold frames, nightstands, curtain rod, and our large mirror (sorry Logan)! Our room is on the smaller side, so a mirror was essential to make the room feel a little bigger! I began adding these touches gold and blue ginger jars and I feel like it came together so nicely!?And, thankfully, our wedding pictures matched the decor just perfectly, probably my favorite part of it all.






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