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Favorite Baby Items: 0-3 Months

I would like to think that I am a minimalist. When it comes to clutter and unnecessary mess, it drives me crazy. Everything in my house needs a place, and when it comes to unwanted and unnecessary items- I am the first to toss them! My closet might be a different story when it comes to being a “minimalist,” but I can assure you it is always organized and everything has a place. I approached my registry and buying things for Holland the exact same way. I didn’t want thousands of different baby products lying around to go unused. There have been things that I have already gotten rid of- and additional things that I have purchased since she was born that didn’t make it onto my registry. Today, I thought I would finally share with you my personal favorites and most used items that go beyond the typical “given” baby items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, etc.

  1. Doona Car Sear: We actually purchased the UppaBaby Mesa Car Seat and Vista stroller. While I think that the UppaBaby Car Seat and Stroller combo will absolutely be necessary when Holland outgrows the Doona (at about 12-15 months) and we eventually have two children, the Doona has hands down been the best purchase. If you have ever had to carry a car seat for any length of time, then you understand the pain. After just a few minutes- every part of your body hurts! The Doona allowed me to go in and out of the grocery store, mall, and restaurants alone without carrying a single thing. The Doona converts from a car seat to a stroller within second and pops right into a base in your car- not to mention it is so small and easy to maneuver in small spaces (hello the isles of Target and crowded shopping mall)! I truly believe that the Doona is the only reason I have been able to continue to be on-the-go with Holland and it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task!
  2. Doc-a-Tot: Besides the fact that Holland loves being snuggled by the Doc-a-Tot, this has been amazing for us when we are on the go! Holland sometimes sleeps on the couch, on the floor of my office, anywhere! The Doc-a-Tot gives a little makeshift bed wherever we go.
  3. Hatch Baby Sound Machine & Ollie Swaddle Combo: I believe this is one of the main reasons that Holland slept through the night beginning at 8 weeks.
  4. Solly Baby Wrap: The first 12 weeks of Hollands life, she was likely found in the Solly Baby Wrap. She loved to be snuggled on my chest and held tight, and it allowed me to be hands-free and mobile.
  5. Owlet Sock: This has been something that makes me think, “how did anyone survive before this product?” The owlet has been one of the greatest gifts we received and is something I deem necessary for all new moms. It is a sock you place on your baby each night that is designed to notify you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside of the preset thresholds. Holland moved to her crib at around 10 weeks, and I cannot imagine the sleepless nights that I would have had without it. I know it is a pricier item- but I promise you cannot put a price on the peace of mind that it offers. I opted to go with the Owlet Camera as well, to minimize applications on my phone and to have Holland’s baby monitor, sleep patterns, heart rate, and oxygen levels all in one place! You can view my post of Holland wearing her owlet, here.
  6. Tote Savvy Diaper Bag Organizer: One of my “mama must-haves” is the tote savvy diaper bag organizer! It allows me to still carry a cute bag while having it all organized because if I can?t find Holland?s pacifier in a matter of second I’m in TROUBLE. Seriously- every mama needs this or if you’re just slightly OCD like me and want an organized bag!
  7. Entertainment Center/Activities
    1. Baby Bjorn Bouncer: This has been Holland’s favorite from the very beginning, it is so easy to move from room-to-room throughout the day. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer starts in our bathroom while I take a shower and get ready, it moves to my office while I am working, and then to the kitchen while I make and eat dinner with Logan! She really loves it and eventually (I hear) she will be able to bounce herself in it by kicking her legs!
    2. Swing: We originally had the 4moms swing that everyone raved about, well because it was pretty and aesthetically pleasing. But, Holland didn’t love it. So we purchased this swing a couple of weeks after she was born and I had to get over the fact that it wasn’t the prettiest baby toy ever. It didn’t take me long, because she loved it and I was finally able to put her down every now and then to go to the bathroom or do the dishes!!
  8. Baby Tub: I have seen a lot of options for baby tubs, and we originally thought about purchasing one while she was little and another as she began to grow but we decided against it. Thankfully this one has worked from the very beginning to today! This is a tub that is able to grow with your baby, but also perfect when they are itty bitty too.
  9. Dekor Diaper Pail: Add this to the list of important things that no one mentions… Those newborn diapers are like no other and a great Diaper Pail is essential. I thought I could get by without one, but I was so wrong!! The Dekor Diaper Pail is totally hands-free, holds up to 45 diapers, and made out of metal so the smell is trapped. Once the diaper days are over, (which seems too far away) it turns into a regular trash can!
  10. Her favorite toys:
    1. Sophie the Giraffe: Sophie the Giraffe is a favorite. I had read that it was highly rated and reviewed, so I went to the store to buy it. When I saw it was essentially a very expensive dog toy, I questioned it but bought it anyway- because of the reviews of course! They weren’t wrong. I’m not sure what it is about Sophie- but Holland and Sophie are inseparable.
    2. Munch Mitt: This was one of the first toys that I bought Holland, and she has loved it from the beginning. Not only can it be utilized for teething purposes, but it also makes a crinkle noise that she loves and keeps her entertained!
    3. Tag-Along Mobile: I was desperate when Holland began hating the car around 8 weeks. I am an on-the-go kind of girl and I suddenly felt confined to the house because she could not be in the car without screaming. This was a lifesaver for us, and now Holland girl and I are back to being out and about thanks to this mobile!
  11. Medical and Toiletry items:
    1. Butt Paste: The first diaper rash came, and I immediately was pacing the isles of the store looking for the best diaper cream. My mom had recommended the one with the highest Zinc Oxide percentage and this was what I found! It clears up Holland’s diaper rash overnight, and we put it on her every night before bed to help prevent it as well. I have had so many moms tell me this was a life-changer for them- and they finally were able to provide relief to their babies’ diaper rash!
    2. Frida Baby Pacifier: Well not only is this incredible for giving medicine to babies while they are teeny, but it also was the only pacifier Holland would use the first 4 months of her life! Without this, medicine would never make it down Holland’s throat- I think this little tool is essential for babies in those first few months!
    3. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment: This was recommended by another mom who used this when their baby had rashes and acne appear! We call it the miracle cream, because it clears up everything and removes redness overnight! I would encourage you to read some of the reviews for this cream because they are mind-blowing. A must-have! Click here for 15% off your order.
  12. Breastfeeding items:
    1. Haaka Breast Pump: The Haaka Breast Pump is one of those things that you had no idea you needed it, until you had it. This is utilized to catch the let-down on your other breast while nursing. It is milk that would otherwise be lost in a nursing pad or all over your shirt. I give credit for my overflowing freezer stash to the Haaka, because often I would get 2-3 ounces each feeding!
    2. Nipple Covers: Because those first few months- you are always leaking.
    3. Nursing Cover: For when you are out and about, and the baby is hungry! I had a few nursing covers but this one was my favorite because it does not stick to me at the bottom and the structured wire in the top allows me to look down and see Holland if needed. The other nursing covers that I had went completely around me and felt suctioned to us, which was hot and I couldn’t see a thing!
    4. Breast Pump Bra: I went a few weeks without this, and looking back I wonder how I did it… This is essential for pumping and keeping your hands free!
    5. Quick Clean Wipes/Quick Clean Sanitation Bags: These are incredible for traveling or moms who will be going back to work. You will not always have access to a sink, dishwasher, or bottle scrubber so these products come in handy when it comes to keeping your pump parts sanitized and clean!
    6. Freezer Storage Bags: For building that freezer stash!
    7. Como Tomo Bottles: These have been Holland’s favorite bottles, and they couldn’t be cuter!

That’s all! Just kidding-I know, it is a lot. But as you start to make registries and get a list together of what you need it can be overwhelming. I hope this list of our favorite baby items for 0-3 months helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. We will be back with our favorite items from 3-6 months soon, and as a little disclaimer, most of these items will make that list too!



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