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New York Fashion Week: My Experience

Talk about one of the most incredible, awe inspiring experiences of my life. New York Fashion Week was truly a dream come true for this Oklahoma girl, with 3,000 followers, who had always admired individuals who were able to attend events like these from afar. If you would have asked me what my goals were when I started this blog, it would have been to attend New York Fashion Week, even if it meant working behind stage somewhere. So, to be able to do that within the first year, was truly amazing. LikeToKnow.it, which is a platform that I am a member of, invited me to their New York Fashion Week invitation only party.

While I previously had no intention of attending New York Fashion Week, as soon as I got that email, I knew I would be stupid to pass up this opportunity- even if it was just for one night.?I am so glad that I trusted my gut, and went. It ended up being perfect timing because it was a week after my birthday and my mom and I just decided to make it a part of my birthday celebration.

I was able to meet people who I have looked up to, the people who inspired me to start a blog, and people who I have even watched on TV! I was invited to the same party as them. Talk about a truly inspiring moment. I left New York more energize, more excited, and ready to pursue my love for fashion and social media, whatever that looked like. This year has been a big one for me, a lot of new changes and stepping out of my comfort zone- and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

New York Fashion Week, I sure hope we meet again.

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

Photos: Banavenue Photography

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