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From One Year To The Next

Velvet booties, metallic dresses, and floral embroidered leather jackets are just a few of my favorite items that I picked up this year. However, if I was being honest with myself, these are items that will not necessarily stick around for the years to come. While I hate to say this, those $100 pair of velvet booties might not see their moneys worth. Shhhh, don’t tell my Husband that, because I have convinced him otherwise. For that reason, I try to stick to items that I see being a staple in my closet. Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to throw in those items that are on trend, but it is also important to stock up on items that can be worn for many years to come

For those of you that are looking to stock up on your fall basics, this post is for you! I have rounded up my favorite pieces in my wardrobe that I carry with me from one year to the next. If you buy one thing, I encourage you to invest in a jacket- my army jacket + suede moto jacket are the two most worn items in my closet during fall, and I bet they will be yours too!

Moto Jacket

?Denim Top + Dress

Blanket Scarf

Military Jacket


Plaid Button Down

Suede Booties



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