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OKC Apparel X Opolis Clothing

Born and raised in OKC, Oklahoma, I have grown to appreciate all things local. Just call me a “loyal Local,” if you wish! I truly enjoy talking with business owners, and learning about how they started and what made them so successful. Hopefully just a little bit of their experience and knowledge will rub off on me, am I right? I was so excited to meet Zac, the owner of Opolis Clothing here in Midtown. He and his Fianc? Evan opened their retail location less than a year ago! And you will never guess where their new retail store resides- an old fire station! They still have the two original large garage doors where the fire trucks used to park as their entrance, as well as two fire poles! It is one of the coolest and most?unique retail spaces I have ever seen! I applaud people who can see past a structure, and dream of something bigger. I think that is really what Midtown embodies with all the renovations of historic old buildings, bringing in all the new and talented business owners!

Zac started making T-shirts from his home in Norman, then moved to a warehouse, and then eventually to their new home in Midtown! They make 95% of their designs, as well as the printing. Their motto is “love life live comfortable,” and man did they nail that.They aren’t kidding when they say “buttery soft T,”?not quite sure how this T-shirt could get any softer.?There is nothing like a good tee, but give me a a soft comfy tee and I’m sold! ?Opolis clothing creates OKC Basketball Apparel, Oklahoma State University, as well as The University of Oklahoma! If there is one thing I have found true living in Oklahoma for 22 years, it is that we take our sports very seriously. They also recently started their “Okie” line, that is a solid mix to the line up- I recommend that you check them out! With playoffs only a couple days away, head to Opolis in Midtown and get your favorite Thunder Apparel or visit them online at opolisclothing.com!

P.S. Westbrook, if you’re reading this- I think your baby needs the “In Russ We Trust” onesie!!




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