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Overall Obsessed

Okay, to be honest I have been hesitant about the whole overall trend- but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried! I have purchased a few pairs of the full length overalls and even overall shorts. But, ?I just couldn’t seem to jump on the train, and I ended up returning my purchases once they arrived in the mail. I thought I was just purchasing the wrong ones, so I kept trying! Then, I spotted this little Denim Overall Dress! I think adding the dress aspect to the overalls takes out the farmer vibe, and is the perfect mix or feminine and fun! It is definitely the “gateway” to the overall trend, and I think I will definitely be branching out to the other styles! This particular one com in two washes and is under $30- I am overall obsessed! But, it will sell out so fast- as does anything from this retailer so don’t wait!

To dress it up, I paired it with an off the shoulder top and my favorite pair of block heels! To dress it down, I paired it with a simple fitted off the shoulder tee and white converse! I have practically not taken the overalls off since I have gotten them- I just keep thinking of so many new ways to style them! You will be seeing a lot more of overalls from me, because I am hooked! Shop my exact look below!



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