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Living A New Lifestyle | Pure Barre

Let me start out by saying, I have never been a girl that has enjoyed working out- I have always dreaded it (and sometimes still do, if I am being honest). When Pure Barre Edmond first opened a year ago, I was so excited to try one of their classes, but realistically knew that it was something that I would attend?here and there.?Little did I know, Pure Barre Edmond would become one of the biggest parts of my weekly routine.

Fast forward to December, and New Year’s Resolutions started being made in the Magill household. While every year I started a new “fad diet,” this year Logan and I decided to truly change our lifestyle. We had gotten in the routine of eating out, which was both bad for our wallets and our bodies. With the goal of our Europe trip in mind, we committed to the Fitness Carli Meal Plan and being active 4-5 days a week until our trip in May.

I had fallen in love with Pure Barre Edmond prior to December, but I had not made it a priority. Making it a priority in my weekly routine, with a goal in mind, was a difference maker for me.? The past 6 months have been a huge change. I set out to have a “summer ready body” for our Europe trip. But, I gained so much more benefits than just loosing weight and toning. I gained confidence, energy, and a sense of accomplishment. Pure Barre Edmond opened the door to this lifestyle change for me. Without a workout that I enjoyed, I know that committing to this goal would have been much more difficult. Pure Barre Edmond offers a unique, fun, challenging workout with a sense of community to continue to push you!

What I Have Learned The Past 6 Months

  1. You Can Push Yourself: 5 days a week used to scare me. “90 second planks” used terrified me.
  2. Commit To A Routine: Set a goal, and commit to it! While I was never perfect, I continued to push myself each week to make Pure Barre Edmond a priority.
  3. It Can Be Fun: I had cheat days too, and a lot of them! I truly believe that you can attain your health goals, while still enjoying ice cream and donuts every once in awhile! Am I right?
  4. Results Take Time: We all understand instant gratification, especially these days. However, this is not something that happens over night. While I have told myself this over and over again, I truly never believed it until I stuck to my New Year’s Resolution for the very first time!
  5. Take Progress Photos: This is probably my favorite thing that I have learned. I think about all the “diets” or workout routines that I have started that I did not stick to simply because the scale was not budging. After four weeks of using the Fitness Carli Meal Plan and sticking to my routine with Pure Barre Edmond and some additional cardio days, I had not lost any weight. Thankfully, I had taken progress photos and was blown away by the result. But guess what- I lost zero weight between these photos below. If it were not for these progress photos and seeing a difference in my body, I think I would have given up just like I had every time before. The beginning progress pics continued to drive my commitment and pushed me each month!

While I never thought I would share these photos with anyone, I felt as though if I could help anyone who may be in my position- it would be worth it! Now 6 months later, and down over 13 pounds, and I am one of the happiest version of myself! Pure Barre Edmond has graciously offered a promotion code for my readers!?New clients can take 30% off/$30 off your first month of classes, making it only $69! You can use the code maddipb30, and purchase your package until July 31st, 2018?here. My challenge for you? Find a workout you love, whether that is Pure Barre Edmond or not, and really commit to it for a few months! Take your progress photos, push yourself and commit to a routine!





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  1. July 25, 2018 / 9:00 pm

    Congrats on your fitness journey! I started Pure Barre a little over a year ago and it changed how I feel abt working out -now I look forward to going there every day! I?m a few classes away from my 250th class!

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