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Santorini, Greece

I felt like I was living my childhood “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” dream. Words do not even do justice for Oia, Santorini. Everything you have seen in movies, Pinterest, and on Instagram- it is even better in real life! Logan and I had the opportunity to meet some of our very best friends in Santorini for five days. They were living abroad in Romania for the year, and they were able to take a trip to explore Greece with us. This trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and it would not have been the same without them! Because I think that there picture speak to Santorini far greater than I could, I am going to share a few of our favorite from the trip, as well as where we stay, ate, and what to do!

Where To Stay:

If you are going to Santorini, I truly believe you are cheating yourself if you do not stay in Oia! It may be a little pricer, but in my opinion it was totally worth it! We were able to walk everywhere, and we were directly in the center of the little city. If you have seen any picture of Santorini on Pinterest, chances are it is the iconic blue domes of Oia. Our Airbnb was just 5 feet from the famous blue domed churches. There was a crowd at sunset just outside our door to get pictures! We didn’t mind, because it confirmed that we had secured a great location and had an incredible view.

We stayed at this AirBNB: the owner of these homes Nicoletta, was fantastic. She provided phone numbers for rental companies, restaurant suggestions, and her home was incredibly clean! It was perfect. I couldn’t believe the location and the charm of our cute little home for the week.

What To Do:

Boat Tour

The best way to see the entire Santorini island is by boat. We sailed with Sunset Oia, and had a great experience! They provided lunch, made stops at a few beaches, and sailed around Santorini! This is a must when traveling to Oia.

Watch The Sunset:

Oia is famous for it’s sunsets. A trip to Santorini without seeing the sunset in Oia would be a complete waste! Our Airbnb was steps from the most popular place to watch the sunset in Santorini. Where most of the action takes place in Santorini is coined the “sunset side” and it is worth staying there, eating there, and exploring there. Truly breathtaking!

Fish Pedicure

I have always wanted to try this- and I am so glad we did! We went to Kissing Fish in Oia, and it was such a fun experience.

Walk To Ammoundi Bay

We didn’t realize how long the walk would be, looking down from the top. But as we started to walk down, we noticed the steps were numbered-260 to be exact. It was a workout to get down there but it was such a great experience and the bay was so beautiful! This is where we saw the donkeys walking up and down the stairs. At the bottom, there were cute restaurants directly by the water, and our boat tour departed out of this port!

Walk Through The City Center + Shops

Our AirBNB was the best location, so we were positioned directly in the city center along the main road. Cars are not allowed through Oia, which was so surprising to me! You have to stop at the main entrance, and then you have to travel by foot. Along the main road you can find cute shops, restaurants, and plenty of gelato!

Visit Fira- Take Gondola

We took about a 20 minute taxi to Fira, and walked around the city for the afternoon! It was nice to see a different view of Santorini. We took the Gondola from the top of Santorini, all the way to the bay and it was an incredible view! Many say to take a hike from Fira to Oia, but we thought a taxi was a better idea.

Where To Eat:


We went to Lotza every single day, literally. It had this spicy feta dip and tzatziki sauce that was incredible! It also had a perfect view, and was so close to our AirBNB just off the main road.

Authentic Greek Gyros

I was on a mission the entire trip to authentic greek gyros!?When we went to Fira, we finally got authentic Greek Gyros and they did not disappoint!


This is the restaurant where we watched the Sunset! It was a fancier restaurant that was perfect for our last full night in Santorini. We had lots of wine, and plenty of pasta!

Lolita- Gelato

I mean, when in Europe right? I ate my weight in Gelato and Lolita’s was so delicious! This was recommended to me through other’s who had traveled before. We went to Lolita’s a few times throughout the week.

I am already planning my trip back to Greece. It was one of my favorite vacations and destinations that I have ever been to! If you are planning a trip to Santorini, please feel free to message me. I would love to hear about your trip!

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