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Tips When Shopping For Your Guy

I know there are a lot of girls out there that love shopping for your guy, almost as much as your yourself! I know that getting your guy to the mall can be tough. I have my fair share of tricks up my sleeve to trap Logan into shopping. Like, let’s go see a movie at the mall… Or, I just need to return one thing…?To avoid taking Logan on unwanted trips to the mall, here are some of my tips that I have learned that help when shopping for him!

  1. Buy a lot of options online, or in store, and bring it home for him to try on.

    This is my biggest secret when it comes to shopping for Logan. He is so much more willing to try on clothing in the comfort of his own home, rather than being dragged across the mall for hours. We all know I can spend hours in the mall, poor guy.?He actually enjoys when I order things for him, and he doesn’t have to make a trip to the mall. I get to buy him a few items, and he doesn’t have to leave the house. Its a win, win for both of us!

  2. What are his favorites?

    For Logan, I try to stick to the same retailers. It makes it so much easier, because I know exactly what size he is and what cuts look best on him!? Gap, Banana Republic, and even Old Navy are some of my favorite retailers when shopping for Logan! They have classic fits and their sizing is so consistent.

  3. Take him shopping once, each season.

    When it comes to taking Logan to the physical mall, I try and only take him once each season.?Each season, we take one big shopping trip and I try and gather all the seasonal staples for Logan! In doing so, he really only has to shop four times a year and it is a lot less stressful on both of us!?In between each season, I will order things online or bring them home for him to try!

What are some tips that you use when shopping for your guy?



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