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Staying Motivated X Pure Barre Edmond

I am not going to lie, staying motivated to workout after an 8-5 job is hard. The clock hits 5 o’clock, and I am instantly thinking about what I am having for dinner and dessert, what I will be watching on Netflix, and my favorite spot on the couch. Would I be making brownies or cookies tonight? Or both? If you would have asked me about three months ago, that was typically my every day routine. I would occasionally throw in a random run, or Pinterest workout here and there- but very occasionally. The past few months, I feel like I have finally found a routine, workout, and some tricks that have helped me stay motivated that I wanted to share! I hope even just one of these six tips are encouraging in some way!

  1. Find Something You Enjoy-?For me this have been Pure Barre Edmond! This quickly became a part of my every day routine. Finding something that I love has probably been the largest factor in staying motivated. I look forward to Pure Barre because?I feel better, I sleep better, and I am seeing results! This took me awhile to finally find this workout, but once I did it was life changing- truly! If you read my post here, I give a deeper dive on my first month at Pure Barre Edmond!
  2. Bring A Friend- Finding a friend to hold you accountable and to also motivate you is a great asset to have! My friend Chandler attends Pure Barre with me each week, but I have also grown to love the Pure Barre Edmond staff and seeing them each time I go!
  3. Set Aside Specific Time For It- This is huge for me. For Pure Barre, I schedule my classes typically a week in advance and plan my other activities around those classes- that way I have no excuse. Although, there are sometimes I rearrange my schedule, I feel like when I set aside specific time for these classes I typically stick to my routine!
  4. Reward Yourself, And Rest- Can I get an AMEN? I whole heartedly believe in rest & rewarding yourself. I typically attend Pure Barre 4 times a week-5 times if I am extra motivated. However, I know that those rest days are just as crucial as the days that I attend classes. I cherish these rest days, because I finally feel like I deserve them after working out with Pure Barre Edmond! Also, adding a little cookies and brownies into your life cannot hurt. Right? Reward yourself for your hard work! Obviously in moderation… something that I am still working on!!!
  5. Set Realistic Goals-?This is something I struggle with. If I am being honest, I am a results oriented girl. Results drive me, and when I don’t see result I often give up. Watching the number on the scale honestly haunts me, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I cannot rely on those numbers when measuring my goals. I decided to shift my mentality when beginning Pure Barre Edmond. That mentality shift has almost been as life changing as Pure Barre Edmond. My goals were just to feel better in my own skin and get stronger both physically and mentally! I believe that setting these realistic goals have continued to motivate me each week! Seeing muscles toned, that I truly didn’t know existed, having more energy throughout the day, and sleep better at night are just a few of the results that I have seen from my few months with Pure Barre!
  6. Buy Cute Workout Clothes-?This was a no-brainer. I know I am not the only one who buys new running shoes, and suddenly thinks that they want to start training for a marathon… The power of cute new workout clothes is something I believe in. There is nothing like a cute new workout outfit to convince you to hit the gym! Plus, you should see Pure Barre Edmond’s lobby… practically a clothing store with the cutest workout apparel!

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