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How To Style A Coffee Table X Capri Blue

As most of you know from my recent Instagrams, my Husband and I have recently moved! It has been so fun taking our decor in our last home and making it “new” again! Instead of purchasing all new things for our home, I just moved things around from their typical spot– and it feels like all new decorations! I really wish that trick worked with my closet!

I have teamed up with Capri Blue Candles to bring you a sneak peek into my new home, as well as a tutorial on How To Style A Coffee Table! I had so much fun creating this post because details are so fun to me. Before we begin, you can find my coffee table here!

Be sure to “Pin” this image to your Pinterest board to reference later!

  1. First things first, a Capri Blue Candle:?the?Volcano scent is my absolute favorite. They keep revealing new colors and it makes me so happy! The blue watercolor and hot pink canisters are their newest additions, however I will always be a fan of the white with a rose gold lid! Browse their huge selection here!
  2. A Tray: This is a good base to start with it! It allows you to section off the coffee table for your decor and allows the pieces to stand out! It also allows the decor to be easily moved for when you need just a little more space for get-togethers! Find my tray here!
  3. Florals: Am I the only one who feels like I completely have my life together when I have fresh flowers in my house? Well, if you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest it! I swear by fresh flowers. I picked these up from Uptown Grocery while shopping- they just add a little color and life to the room! ?You can also substitute?silk flowers?for fresh flowers to have year round- I recommend Pier 1 for those!
  4. Something Personal: I love photos! So naturally my “something personal,” is framed Polaroid’s of Logan and I on our honeymoon! Find my float frame here!
  5. A Stack of Books: This adds a little dimension to the coffee table set up!
  6. Something Tall: This adds some height, and I recommend stacking it on top of your books! I am obsessed with this gold pineapple! It is quirky and fun and the perfect piece to the coffee table collection. Find the pineapple here!

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you to Capri Blue Candles for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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