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Subscribe To Your Style

As a way to better connect with you all, I have launched a page titled, Subscribe To Your Style!? It is exactly as it sounds, simply click on the style that best suits your personality and closet preferences, and enter your email! Each month, I will send you items tailored just for you! Essentially, I am your personal shopper… arriving directly to your inbox each month! As fashion blogging continues to become more and more saturated, I feel as though it sometimes is harder to reach you all individually! This is a way to individualize my content just for you. So, what is your style? Are you Casual, Sophisticated, Classic, Chic, or Edgy? Or all of the above? To be honest, I like to dip my toes in all styles depending on the day and event- and you might too!

Click here to subscribe to as many styles as you would like!

Subscribe To Your Styles

What Style Are You?








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