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Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Fall has finally arrived! Booties, suede jackets, plaid, and scarves are in full swing in my wardrobe! I don’t know about you, but I always like to plan my Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits so far in advance. Mostly because I worry that I will have “nothing to wear” once the day comes, and also because i thoroughly enjoy the outfits that the holiday season brings!? In Oklahoma, it is usually not cold enough on Thanksgiving for serious cold weather attire! So, for Thanksgiving, I typically gravitate toward plaid- It is a happy medium for the bi-polar Oklahoma weather! And…. a dress is a serious necessity for me on thanksgiving, because who needs pants holding you back from one more dessert? I know I am not the only one!!

I am loving this swing plaid dress, that is under $30 and comes in a few different colors! A plaid dress is a perfect staple for any wardrobe, and transitional from family gatherings, to work, to a night out! I have rounded up all my favorite plaid dresses, under $40. Be sure to order your Thanksgiving attire this week to ensure that it will arrive on time for the big day! I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is spent with family, friends, and lots of food!

xo, Madison



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