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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, because who doesn’t love love? I will take any day dedicated to flowers and making your significant other, husband, children, or family feel more loved! But, like any holiday, buying gifts can be difficult. I have rounded up some of my favorite valentine’s day gifts for the lady or best friends in your life! I am breaking down my gift guide into three options:

  1. Valentine’s Day themed– hearts, lips, clever wording- i love all the Valentine’s Day get up! I was suckered in to the “I got you babe” tee and the “soulmate” sweatshirt this year. I think that they will still be relevant and wearable after Valentine’s Day, but also so festive in the next few weeks!
  2. The gift they need– Get the gift your loved one needs, like tennis shoes! Valentines could be another excuse to get them what they really need! I always ask for new tennis shoes on holidays, because I wear them often and it is an easy gift for family, friends, and Logan to shop for!
  3. Personalized- I love personalized gifts. Something sweet, memorable, and you can always tie it back to the holiday that you received the gift. I have been eyeing the drop initial necklace, and thought it would be so sweet to get an “L” for Logan!



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