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Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always one of my favorite holidays, and thankfully one that Logan and I have never really put much pressure on each other to celebrate. That might be why I enjoy it so much! We make sure the other feels loved, appreciated, and we plan time to spend together, but there typically aren’t lavish gifts involved!

However, I will say our Junior year of High School, the first Valentine’s Day that we ever spent together, was a sweet one. Logan surprised me with one of the best dates ever, even 7 years later!? He picked me up from my house, and as we were on our way to what I thought was dinner, he told me he forgot his wallet. I thought that was totally fine, we would just swing by his house to grab it on our way! When we got to his house, he asked if I wanted to come inside to say hi to his parents while he grabbed his wallet. A little confused, but still totally oblivious, I obliged. When we walked inside, he had a candlelit dinner already set up! He had cooked the whole meal from appetizers to desserts. Pretty dang thoughtful and romantic for a Junior in High School, if you ask me!

All of this to say, my favorite memories are sweet, simple, thoughtful and the one’s where we spent the most time together. This year, Logan and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a couples massage! Logan has been studying non-stop for his CPA exams, so I knew a massage would be the perfect gift and allow him to finally relax! So, grab your guy and plan a day of simple activities or prepare a home cooked meal for a Valentine’s Day you will remember 7 years later ??

But, for the traditional gift giver- I have rounded up my favorite products for men! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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