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What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

*This post has been updated, and my most used items or items that I was so thankful to have with me during our stay, have been starred*

Personally, I am a chronic over-packer. However, I have never regretted over-packing… not even when I was hauling around two suitcases through 4 different countries in Europe this past Summer!! There is nothing worse than not having what you need, when you need it. I would much rather be over prepared, than feel like I was not prepared at all. For that reason, my hospital bag check list may be a bit longer than the average- but I am at ease knowing I will likely have everything that I need to be comfortable through labor and during the hospital stay!

I know there will probably be a few surprises, and a few things that I leave off the list but thankfully we have a good support system of soon-to-be grandparents and soon-to-be aunts and uncles that we can count on! Mom and Dad, that means you!! I studied the minimalist’s hospital bag all the way to the extreme over-packer’s hospital bag, and I feel like I found the perfect happy medium. See below what Logan and I are packing for our upcoming hospital stay:

For Mom

  • *2 Pairs of Pajamas: Nursing friendly and cozy was my goal for pajamas for the hospital. I found these gowns that are SO incredibly soft, perfect for the nursing, and a great price!
  • 2 Pairs of Socks: I always like to wear socks, so I added a few cute socks to the list to wear with my slippers. Otherwise, I plan on wearing the hospital socks with the non-slip grips!
  • Slippers (with a sole): Slippers is just a comfort of home for me, and it was important that they had a sole for walking around the hospital! Many people told me that the hospital may not allow slippers without a sole.
  • Robe: It will be nice to have a robe to throw on after the shower, and just one more comfort of home.
  • Cardigan: Just something cozy and cute to throw on over your pajamas when you get cold!
  • *2 Nursing Bras or Tanks: I personally packed nursing bras, but have heard the tanks are great as well for an extra layer for support, or if you are cold.
  • Headband and Ponytail Holders
  • Nursing Pads
  • Glasses or Contacts
  • *Always Discreet Underwear: I have heard mixed reviews on these. Some said that they liked the one that the hospital provided them, however my hospital actually recommended these and said they were much better than what the hospital had to offer! For that particular reason I opted to bring them with me!
  • Dermoplast Spray
  • *Nipple Cream
  • Tuck’s Cooling Pad
  • *Fridababy Fridet
  • *Belly Band:?I have heard that the belly band is excellent for support after delivering. It helps feel like it is holding everything together to ease pain, and offers compression to help shrink back to pre-pregnancy. I am not sure that I will want to wear this during my hospital stay, or not until after!
  • *Hard Candies:?Many hospitals don’t allow you to eat or drink any liquids, and I had heard that hard candies were a great alternative to have something to suck on! My hospital thankfully allows some juices, but I am bringing some trusty jolly ranchers with me just in case.
  • Chapstick: I heard this was a must, on just about every list. There is nothing worse than chapped lips and I heard labor, mixed with cold hospital rooms calls for a lot of chapstick.
  • Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, body-wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover wipes, make up (optional), hair brush, curling iron or straightener (optional), face wash, face lotion, mouthwash
  • Shower Shoes & Towel (optional):?Comforts of home.
  • *Glade Plug-In or Diffuser: I planned to bring a diffuser, however our hospital did not allow them and suggested a Glade Plug-In! Something to keep the room cozy and smelling clean.
  • Extra Long Phone Charger or Extension Cord
  • Water Bottle: I drink out of my Simple Modern Tumbler everyday, and labor will not be an exception!!
  • *Pillow & Blanket: Comforts of home.
  • Going Home Outfit: I am the most comfortable in dresses, and they are much easier to pack! Since I am delivering in the Summer, I thought a long comfortable maxi dress with some slip on sandals would be perfect. I also packed sweatshirt and sweatpant outfit, because it is Oklahoma and you never know what the weather will look like here!

Hospital Stay

Going Home

For Dad

  • Photo ID and Insurance Card
  • 2 Outfits: I packed Logan his favorite joggers and simple tees.
  • Pajamas
  • Shower Shoes & Towel (optional):?Comforts of home.
  • Extra Long Phone Charger or Extension Cord
  • Pillow & Blanket: Comforts of home.
  • Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body-wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face lotion, and hairspray
  • *Bluetooth Speaker: For calming music during labor.
  • *Amazon Firestick: We heard this was great. Some labors are fast, while some are slow and once I get the epidural I could see an episode of Netflix to pass the time coming in handy or awhile after birth!
  • Snacks: Most important thing on the list.
  • *White Noise Machine, Earplugs, & Eye Mask (optional):?I was told that the doctors come in and out as they please and turn the lights on. In order to get sleep an eye mask, ear plugs or a sound machine are a must.
  • Camera

For Baby

  • Diaper Bag: Bringing the Diaper Bag isnt necessary, but I decided to pack mine and Logan’s things in the same bag, and keep hers together packed in her Diaper Bag!
  • Diapers & Wipes (optional): Many people said the hospital provided plenty, but I threw two diapers in- just in case!
  • *Baby Book:?I am so obsessed with our Baby Book from Stash & Story, and I am bringing it to the hospital to make sure that we put her hand prints and foot prints in her baby book!
  • 2-3 Gowns: I heard that gowns were the best for the hospital, especially because of the security tags that babies wear during their stay. My hospital actually only allows the babies to wear the hospital clothing during there stay for security purposes, but I brought a few gowns for pictures.
  • Going Home Outfit: Footie, Bow, and Blanket- I’ve only been planning this outfit for 9 months!
  • Swaddles: I am bringing a few of my favorite Lou Lou & Company and Little Unicorn Swaddles.
  • Beanies or Bows: Since our hospital doesn’t encourage babies wearing their own clothing in the hospital for security purposes, I brought too many beanies and bows to dress up her hospital tee.
  • Nursing Pillow: I heard that having your nursing pillow is a must when it comes to learning how to nurse those first few days in the hospital!
  • Mittens: Their nails often come out long, so to avoid baby from scratching herself before I am able to clip her nails as well as keep her warm!
  • Car Seat
  • “Hello My Name Is” Name Tags (or any other personalization or props for photos)
  • Pacifiers (optional):?My hospital does not have pacifiers, so I am bringing just one in case I feel like it is needed.
  • Nail File (optional): Like I said, their nails often come out long so I will cut her nails if needed!

Is there anything super important, I might be forgetting? Please let me know! This Mom and Dad are so ready to meet their baby in just a few days!!


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